Monday, April 11, 2011

4/11/11 - Daily Goal

The main goal for today is... Mason and I are going to finish making the first and second coils and finish making the compasiters. No time to type, got a big job to do!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

End'O'the Day Reflections!

Today, I got a TON of changes and revisions done on my Leopard Gecko project and learned more info on how the Jacob's ladder is going to work.

I slacked off a bit, just because i'm tired and ready to go home I lost some of my working thunder after lunch too...

Music was fun, we are writing our on song with our own lyrics. I am excited. 3/16/11

Daily Goals 3/16/11

Wednesday: I am posting this late so I'll tell you what I did before this... The first thing I did today was check my email, and saw that I had a reply back from a partner with The Glades Herp Farm (See earlier post). He replied with good comments and told me information I had gotten wrong and helped me make it accurate. I then revised my Leopard Gecko project and reposted it.

I plan to: Continue work on Mason and my Jacob's Ladder Project and contact my Mom about going out to Fort Walton Beach for a Neon Sign Transformer to make our Jacob's Ladder.

Maybe I'll have some time to work on my laser project, because I still need to think of a perfect essential 

Leopard Gecko Project REVISION

Here is the revised version of my Leopard Gecko Glogster with more accurate information!

Leopard Gecko Email Reply

I sent my Leopard Gecko project to a partner of the Glades Herp Farm named Scott Quint. In the email, I asked if he could review my project and look for flaws and things that may not be accurate. He replied with some helpful input...

"Hi Cale,
   Just a few comments
  1. The background makes it very hard to read. I'd tone that down
  2. They eat their Shed skins to hide evidence of their presence. There is no protein in the shed. It is almost all Keratin
  3. Red lamps give off red light and infrared. If it was only infrared you wouldnt be able to see it. 
  4. Lizards drop their tails as a decoy. The pattern and reflexive movement of the tail makes it a more interesting target than the lizard itself. The loss of the tail does not help them run any better.
  5. It's difficult to determine  how good or bad their vision is. I suspect it's not too bad. They are attracted to movement like any other predator. Movement give away an animal that is camouflaged. Even keen eyed cats and birds look for movement." - Scott Quint

I'm going to make these changes and repost my Glogster link!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Forms of government - pro's and con's.

Dudeocricy - A form of government 100% ran by the male race. Doesn't work out to well, because no girls respect guys.v

Dictatorship - Well, Joanna was in charge :( so everything was up to her. But regardless it was a lot of fun because jojo was a fair and fun leader. 

Democracy - A form of government that everyone has an equal say in. It was the fairest and was the most fun.

Dudeocracy was still my favorite because i was in charge :)